Get acquainted newspaper activities

Here are a few activities to help your students become familiar with the newspaper.  These activities are taken from the following publication:  National Newspaper Foundation: Newspaper In Education – A Guide for Weekly/Community Newspapers.

All About My Newspaper
1.  The name of this newspaper is:

2.  This newspaper has been printing since:

3.  It is published ________ time(s) each week.

4.  You can tell the age of a newspaper by the volume number printed on page one. For example if you find “Vol. 80 No. 22.” That means the newspaper has been published for 80 years and that this is the 22nd issue since its last birthday.

5.  The number of pages in this newspaper is:

6.  The Publisher of the newspaper is:

7.  The cost of the newspaper is:

8.  The name of a person who writes stories for this newspaper is:

9.  The headline for one front-page story is:

10. The story is about:

11. My favorite story in the newspaper is:

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