This is from an earlier blog. I am running it again for those who missed it before.

Teachers – learning about geography is fun with Pigskin Geography!  This NIE program  follows the NFL teams as they travel across the United States to their destination cities. You don’t have to know anything about football to participate.


•QUIZZES 17 weeks of quizzes/answer keys about U.S. geography based on the travels of the NFLteams (the quizzes are assigned each week during the NFL season preceding the weekly games)

•STUDENT study hint sheet providing answers to several questions

•CHART of the two-letter state abbreviations and the state nicknames

•MAP of United States time zone

•POPULATION information on the 35 largest cities in the United States

•SEATING capacity of stadia in the NFL. Students will learn about U.S. geographic locations including state capital cities, major rivers, oceans, bays, the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. They will also learn about geographic concepts and terminology. The same types of questions are repeated several times over the course of the NFL season, so once students “get the hang of it” they can experience success week after week.

PIGSKIN GEOGRAPHY & PIGSKIN JR. packets also contains many optional activities.

Choose from Pigskin Geography for grades 5-10 or PIGSKIN JR. for grades 2-4 and special ed students. Receive a FREE PIGSKIN GEOGRAPHY packet when you sign up for a once-a-week classroom copies of the Grand Forks Herald Sept. 7 – Dec. 23.  Email slindlauf@gfherald.com for more information.