Activity – Focus On Bullying

Bullying can be physical, verbal or emotional and I think it is something we have all experienced at one time. How do we deal with bullies?  What can you do to help kids who are being bullied?  I found this wonderful resource called “Focus on Bullying” that answers these questions and many more. 

This supplement is an adaptation of lesson activities from Focus on Bullying: A Prevention Program for School Communities. This public domain resource was developed by School District No. 39, Vancouver, Canada to develop a comprehensive strategy to engage school communities in addressing the issue of bullying behavior. The purpose of Focus on Bullying, a 380-page comprehensive bullying prevention program, is to assist teachers, administrators, parents and students in developing and implementing a detailed school-wide action plan that strengthens the physical, social, and psychological safety of schools and reduces the incidence of bullying.

Focus on Bullying is divided into the following sections:
The Nature of Bullying
—provides important and current information about the nature of bullying in schools.
Develop a School-Wide Plan for Bullying Prevention—outlines a detailed seven-step program for developing a schoolwide plan for preventing bullying.
Respond Directly to Bullying Situations—details specific interventions that support children who have been bullied, and outlines a three level system for responding to students who
Address Bullying through Classroom Lessons—contains elementary to middle school lesson plans in support of the school-wide bullying-prevention plan.
Each step is accompanied by an “Action Checklist” to facilitate the planning process. It is highly recommended that you start your own school-wide action plan to reduce bullying starting with download of the free Focus on Bullying prevention program.

Download the guide by clicking the link below.  Remember it is 380 pages.


We are publishing a condensed version of the guide for area schools and educators. The     16-page tab is available for teachers with their classroom order of the Herald on Thursday, October 8.  For more information, send an email to

This condensed version is not available for download.