It’s National Newspaper Week!

National Newspaper Week begins today!  The Kentucky Press Association was kind enough to provide us with some educational material to share. We’ll kick off the week with an NIE column today compiled by Susan Morgan of the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association. Beginning Monday and every day this week, we will have newspaper activities for you to do with your students.  The theme is Press Freedom. 

Compiled by Susan Morgan
Pennsylvania Newspaper Association

NIE is an acronym for Newspaper in Education, a program in which newspapers supplement traditional teaching materials in the classroom. NIE programs are found throughout the world, with more than 700 in North America alone.

Local NIE programs provide newspapers to schools at reduced rates or through paid sponsorship programs. NIE Coordinators help teachers use the newspaper as a powerful tool across all grades and content areas through workshops and specialized curriculum materials.

NIE programs serve two objectives: to teach about the newspaper and to teach with the newspaper. Students learn to become critical thinkers through reading, analyzing and discussing newspaper stories and editorials. They use the knowledge they gain to engage in conversations with peers and family members. Students also reinforce skills in reading, writing, math, science and other subject areas using newspaper content.

Informed educators understand how newspapers can be used to make a bridge between classroom content and the real world. Students who learn how to enjoy, understand and use newspapers are equipped with a lifelong learning resource. What a great way to prepare tomorrow’s citizens! 

(Susan Morgan is the Diversity and Educational Outreach Director at the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association. She compiled these statements from NIE Coordinators from across the United States.)