NNW Part 1: Press Freedom

It’s National Newspaper Week and the Kentucky Press Association was kind enough to provide us with some educational material.  Each day, this week, we will have newspaper activities for you to do with your students.  The theme is Press Freedom.

AT ISSUE: NEWSPAPERS                                                                      Press freedom: whose right is it, anyway?

The freedom of the press guaranteed under the First Amendment to the Constitution is meant as a protection for the people, not for the media. It was intended to guarantee that the public has ready access to information. Only well-informed citizens can make reasoned judgments about government.

Exercise your freedom …

Locate and read news stories and opinion columns about a national problem.
• How might these articles lead to citizen or government action?

• How do you think newspapers provide national leadership?

• Identify statements that oppose any action that may have been taken by government, public or private groups to address the problem.

This activity was adapted from a series produced by the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association Foundation Newspaper In Education Committee.