NNW Part 2: Watchdog For The Public

It’s National Newspaper Week and the Kentucky Press Association was kind enough to provide us with some educational material. Each day, this week, we will have newspaper activities for you to do with your students.  The theme is Press Freedom.


 AT ISSUE:  NEWSPAPERS                                                      Watchdog for the public

A. Politics and government – The press is free to cover what happens in government at all levels: local, state and national. It serves as the eyes and ears of the voters who cannot attend all government meetings and functions.

B. Consumer safety – Likewise, newspapers and other media investigate and alert consumers to faulty or dangerous products.

Exercise your freedom . . .                                                                                        The founding fathers of this country were concerned that the government might use its power to take advantage of private citizens. They wanted to be sure that voters knew  what the government was doing.

Explain why it is important for citizens to receive news about the following:
• National official (The president, a senator, Secretary of Defense, etc.)
• State official (The governor, Secretary of Education, etc.)
• Local official (The mayor, county commissioner, city council member, etc.)
• Services agency (Mental health/Mental Retardation, Children’s Services, etc.)
• Lobbying group (National Rifle Association, Common Cause, etc.)

This activity is adapted from a series produced by the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association Foundation Newspaper In Education.

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