NNW Part 5: Censorship

It’s National Newspaper Week and the Kentucky Press Association was kind enough to provide us with some educational material. Each day, this week, we will have newspaper activities for you to do with your students.

AT ISSUE: NEWSPAPERS                                       CENSORSHIP

Newspapers in this nation experience a degree of freedom virtually unequaled in the world. That doesn’t mean that outsiders have not tried to control their content. In fact, the press is often at odds with the government, big business or other special-interest groups.

Exercise your freedom …

Have students “censor” the paper by cutting out of it anything that is critical of government or government officials, everything related to courts except verdicts and anything that would not be public knowledge with out the First Amendment. Discuss what’s left in the paper.

This activity is adapted from a series produced by the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association Foundation Newspaper In Education.