This Sunday In Parade

Sunday, October 25…

A Day With Madame Secretary
By Leslie H. Gelb
Hillary Clinton brings us along on a typical day in the life of the U.S.
Secretary of State. Observe what it’s like to spend 24 hours with Madame Secretary.

‘Have Faith In Something Big’
By Jeanne Wolf
Both Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry share a rough climb from poverty. They are now joining forces to support “Precious”, a powerful film about a severely obese pregnant Harlem teenage mother who tries to overcome impossible odds to find hope and a chance at a new life.

Why Shopping Is Good Again
By Lee Eisenberg
To buy more carefully requires a surer grip on value. Find out how to measure the value that exists in the things we buy, and why they are well worth considering as we head into another tight-budget holiday season.