Science Quickie Lessons

Here are some Science Quickie Lessons from the NIE Institute.

Environment and Technology

1.  Find articles and photos in the newspaper that illustrate aspects of water, air and land pollution that are related to technology that improves our lives. Determine what are
the short and long-term consequences of the pollution described and offer suggests for
preventive or corrective methods to deal with the problem.

2. Find examples of energy sources from articles in the newspaper. Classify each as renewable, nonrenewable and or inexhaustible. Write a brief essay describing events that can lead to an energy crisis and give possible solutions.

3. Find articles and columns that inform the public about new or proposed health and
safety laws then summarize the laws and write and editorial expressing their view.

4. Find articles on new scientific or medical breakthroughs. Discuss how these breakthroughs are likely to affect our lives. How has science changed the lives of people since our nation began, last 50 years, last 10 years?

5. Find stories of accidents such as fires, poisoning, drowning, etc. Discuss and/or write about safety rules and other ways that they can prevent accidents.

6. Find articles related to different climates around the country and world.  Identify the effect climate has on the way people live.

7. Using the daily weather map discuss all the elements that cause weather (highs, lows, temperature, fronts). Also discuss tides, phases of the moon, precipitation, sun rise and set, found on the map.

8. Look at the weather map daily and compare the prediction to the actual weather. Prepare a graph comparing the predictions to the actual weather.