Unique You! More Character Ed Activities

The following character education activites are from the KRP supplement "Unique You" and geared for elementary age children. 

Did you know that you are UNIQUE? That’s another way of saying that you are one of a kind. There is nobody else in the world exactly like you. Let’s look at some of the ways you are unique. Answer the questions below:

What color are your eyes?

What is your favorite sport?

What do you like to do on Saturdays?

How many people are in your family?

What is one thing you like about yourself?

Who would you like to meet in person?

Compare your answers with your classmates. Did anyone have all the same answers you wrote?

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING YOU                                                                              Since you are unique, you are also very important. No one else can take your place in the world. Think about some of the things you have done today. Did you make someone happy by being friendly? Have you learned something new? Did you make something? Each day you grow and learn. And each day you have an effect on the people who are around you.

VERTICAL NAMES ACTIVITY                                                                                         Write your name vertically (one letter under another) down the side of a sheet of paper. Then find words in today’s newspaper that describe you and that start with each letter of your name. Paste the words beside the correct letters.

QUITE A CHARACTER ACTIVITY                                                                                 Who is your favorite comic strip character?
Draw or paste a picture of the character on a piece of paper.  Draw numbered lines beside the box and write three words that describe how the character looks. Then draw three more lines and label them A, B, and C, write three words about the character’s personality(Is he/she smart? Funny?) When you describe someone’s personality, you are describing their character. Your character is how you act and how you treat other people.

NEWSPAPER ACTIVITIES                                                                                                Find a story about an interesting person in today’s newspaper. With your classmates make a list of words describing this person. Would you like to invite this person to visit your class? What questions would you like to ask the person?