Unique You! Emotions

The following character education activites are from the KRP supplement “Unique You” and geared for elementary age children.

How are you feeling today?  Are you happy?  Sad?  Excited?  When we talk about how you are feeling inside, we are talking about emotions.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR FEELINGS                                                                             Have you ever been in a “bad mood” but not really known why? Part of caring for yourself is trying to understand your own feelings. You may snap at your best friend at lunch when he asks you a question even though you aren’t really angry at your friend. What you’re really upset about may be a test coming up in school. When you know what you are feeling and why, then you can avoid hurting a friend’s feelings.

OTHER PEOPLE’S FEELINGS                                                                                         Just as it’s not always easy to know why you are feeling a certain way, it can also be hard to understand other people’s feelings. Sometimes you can know by what the person says, but you can also pick up clues by the way they act or look. When you understand how someone is feeling, you can be a better friend.


FACES IN THE NEWS    Clip several newspaper photos that show people’s faces. Paste the photos on a piece of construction paper and study them carefully. How do you think each person was feeling when the photo was taken? What clues are you using to decide? Write one word under each photo that describes the strongest emotion you think the person is feeling.

THE SPORTS PAGES    Look through the Sports section for several days and collect photos that show emotion. Work with another student to create a poster of sports emotions. Print words that describe the emotions beside the photos.

CONTROLLING ANGER     There are often stories in the newspaper about people who let their anger get out of control. Discuss one of these stories with your classmates.

FIND A WORD, STORY OR PICTURE in the newspaper and use it to complete each sentence below.

1. __________________________________ makes me feel sad.

2. __________________________________ makes me feel excited.

3. __________________________________ makes me feel hopeful.

4. __________________________________ makes me feel angry.

5. __________________________________ makes me feel frightened.