Unique You! Cooperation

The following character education activites are from the KRP supplement "Unique You" and geared for elementary age children.

Sometimes it’s fun to do things all by yourself, but many things can be done best by more than one person.  That’s where cooperation comes in. 

Cooperation is working together. 

By cooperating you can get tasks done more quickly.  Cooperation also lets everyone feel good that they have done their share of the work.


A PICTURE OF COOPERATION                                                                                     Find a newspaper photo that shows two or more people cooperating. Answer these questions:
1. Would one person be able to accomplish this task alone?
2. Why are these people cooperating with each other?
3. How did they decide to cooperate?


1. Spread a full sheet of the classified ads on the floor and lie down with your head and as much of your body as you can on the newspaper. Take a crayon and draw an outline of the top part of your body on the paper while you are lying on it. Now stand up and look at your outline. Is it messy?

2. Now take another sheet of the classified ads and lie down the same way as before. Then ask a friend to draw your outline on the paper. Stand up and compare the two outlines. Which one is better?