Unique You! Honesty

The following character education activites are from the KRP supplement "Unique You" and geared for elementary age children.

Honesty is all about telling the truth. Sometimes it’s tempting not to tell the whole truth. The problem with that kind of dishonesty is that you almost always get caught.

STEALING                                                                                                             Stealing has the same consequences as not telling the truth. If you steal something, you feel bad about yourself. Other people avoid you because they don’t trust you and they don’t want to be hurt.

CHEATING                                                                                                               Cheating is really a way of being dishonest with yourself. When you cheat to win or make a good grade, then you know you are lying to yourself and you feel guilty and ashamed.


CONSEQUENCES                                                                                                         Find a story in the newspaper about someone who has been dishonest. How was the person dishonest? How was it discovered that he was dishonest? What will happen to the person because he was dishonest? Do you think the person would be dishonest if he could start all over again?

COURAGE AND HONESTY                                                                                         Think of a time when it took courage for you to be honest. Draw a cartoon strip that tells what happened. Use the cartoons in today’s newspaper as a model.

AN HONEST STORY                                                                                                  Think about a story or book you have read in which the character told the truth, even if it was difficult. Rewrite the story as a news story. Be sure to include the 5 W’s – Who, What, When, Where, Why.