Unique You! All About You

This is the last installment of the character education activites from the KRP supplement "Unique You" geared for elementary age children. I hope you have enjoyed these activities.

This section is going to be all about you and your character.  Answer the following questions.

YOUR FAVORITES                                                                               

My favorite food :

My favorite color:

My favorite book:

My favorite TV program:

My favorite part of the newspaper:

My favorite sport:

My favorite thing to do:

CARING                                                                                                                        List five people you show caring toward.

List five people who show caring toward you.

COOPERATION                                                                                                              Give an example of how you cooperate with your family. Give an example of how you cooperate with your friends.

FAIRNESS                                                                                                                     Describe one time that you waited your turn.

Give an example of rules that you have followed this past week.

HONESTY                                                                                                                     How have you shown your honesty this week?

COURAGE                                                                                                                     Give an example of a time when it took courage for you to do something.

RESPECT                                                                                                                      Describe one way that you show respect for yourself.

Describe one way that you show respect for another person.

Describe one way that you show respect for your community or country.

RESPONSIBILITY                                                                                                            List two things you are responsible for.

PERSEVERANCE                                                                                                            Describe a time when you learned to do something really difficult because you kept on trying.

MY VERY OWN HEADLINE                                                                                         Write a headline that describes a time that you did something that made you proud of yourself.

MY REAL CHARACTER                                                                                                Clip three words from the newspaper that describe your real character.