11 Shadows And A Teacher

Friday, November 13, the Grand Forks Herald participated in a special NIE project with english teacher, Sheila Moser and her 11 students from Leeds, ND.  Mrs. Moser has been using the Grand Forks Herald in her classroom and bringing students to tour the newspaper for many years.  I also have to mention their dedicated bus driver, Gary Rollie, who has brought the teacher and students every year to Grand Forks.

This year Mrs. Moser wanted to try something new in addition to the regular tour.  She asked if it would be possible to have her students job shadow Herald employees for a couple of hours after the regular tour.  I checked to see if there were enough employees interested to make it work and there were. A special THANK YOU to all of the Herald employees who volunteered to be a part of this NIE project.  Below are photos of the Herald employees with their job shadows and comments from the students. 













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  1. jimlindlauf

    It looks like everyone had fun! You were sure excited about this project as you were putting it together. I think you enjoyed it as much as the students!

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