Caring And Kindness

This information is from the KRP NIE tab, "Count on Character."

Caring might sound like plain old nice, but it doesn’t end there. Caring includes friendly, helpful and even sacrificing. Acts of caring have one thing in common: You do them to help someone without expecting anything in return. How much do you count on caring as an important character trait?  Find out by completing the activities. 

1. On a sheet of paper, write down five examples of caring acts that you have given or received in the last few weeks. With each example, include the feeling you had when you were caring — or receiving kindness.

2. Jot down a verb that sums up each act listed, such as “helped,” “gave,” or “listened.” We’ll call these caring verbs.  Which makes you feel better: giving or receiving kindness?

3. Look through the newspaper to find photographs of caring actions. How are these people caring? 

4. Now, find a photograph or news story about a person or group being uncaring. Write down the consequences of their uncaring and how an act of caring would have changed the story or the photo.

5. List five things you can do in the next 24 hours to show you care for other people, animals, or the environment. Be as specific as you can.

Speaking of caring, have you heard of the Santa Claus Girls?  This is the perfect time to tell you about these special, caring people, because this is the week they organize, pack and deliver gifts. 

The Santa Claus Girls is a local charity organized during World War I by employees of the Grand Forks Herald and community volunteers. The Santa Claus Girls delivers gift packages to children (0-12) of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks residents, who might otherwise have little at Christmas. Last year, 300 families and nearly 700 children received packages containing toys, gloves, books, socks, and candy. To contribute to the 2009 fund raising goal of $15,000, please send checks to Elaine Fawcett, Grand Forks Herald, PO Box 6008, Grand Forks, ND 58206-6008.

Volunteers are needed to help deliver gifts on Friday, 12/11.  If you are interested send an email to or