More Math Quickie Lessons

These NIE math activities are from the NIE Institute’s 100 Ways to Use the Newspaper.


1. Race through the newspaper! You have five minutes. See how many numbers from 1-25 you can find. Circle each number as you find it.

2. Circle the largest and smallest numbers on a page. Subtract the two numbers you have found. Add the two numbers.

3. Use recipes from the newspaper to practice using fractions. Double the recipe; halve the recipe and triple the recipe.

4. Cut words from the newspaper that relate to quantity. For example: all, none, many, few, fewer, more, less, most etc.

5. Write a word problem that uses an advertisement as its basis. Let a friend try to solve the equation.

6. Look at the movie ads. Assuming a 15-minute break between shows, determine the duration of three movies.

7. Choose any three-digit and any two-digit numbers from the newspaper. Do the following:
• Find the product of the two numbers
• Find the sum of the two numbers
• Find the difference between the two numbers
• Find the quotient of the two numbers to the nearest hundredth
• Now, find the sum of all the answers above

8. Read a page in the newspaper and underline words and phrases that refer to time such as: annual, bicentennial, 90-day warranty, next week, etc.

9. Refer to the entertainment ads and choose the kind of entertainment that you would enjoy most and the place you would most like to eat. Determine the total cost of your outing for one person, for two and for your family.