Fitness From Head To Toe

Information and activities are from the "Fitness Head To Toe" tab from the NIE Institute.

This guide will give you ideas on how to improve your overall fitness — from head to toe!  Being fit …
• keeps weight under control.
• boosts your energy level.
• improves your self-image.
• increases muscle strength.
• releases tension.
• allows you to sleep better.
• fuels fun with friends and family.

Get aHead in the Fitness Race                                                          

Staying fit requires a healthy diet and regular physical activity. The choices you make about food and exercise team up to create a you that’s either fit or unfit. Let’s take it from the top!



1. Fitness is closely related to overall health. Find examples of news stories, opinion columns, and letters to the editor that deal with health issues. What is the main concern expressed?  Do diet and exercise play a role?

2. Look in the comics of your newspaper and cut out the characters who are physically fit. Also cut out those who are not fit. Attach the characters to a piece of paper and under each, write down the behaviors that might lead to that character’s fitness level.

3. Look at the models in newspaper ads and write three words that describe the women —and the men — in those ads. As a class, list your words on the board and discuss how ads influence our ideas of beauty and body.