Leisure Time Logic

From the NIE Guide, "A Plan for All Seasons" written by Ann West and distributed by the NIE Institute.

Summer days can seem endless at times since the days are longer and our schedules may not be filled with planned activities.  An important skill for all of us to learn is how to make wise use of leisure time.

The comic strips in the newspaper often reflect what people do in real life. Many different uses of leisure time can be found by looking in the comic strips.  Some characters may show that they use leisure time wisely; other characters may waste their leisure time on meaningless activity.  Usually, wise use of leisure time can bring happiness to our daily lives.

Even though a comic strip may not be written about a leisure time activity, characters are often pictured doing something during their leisure time.  Look through the comic strips in your newspaper to see how some of the comic strip characters use leisure time.  As you find each example, list the character and activity on a piece of paper.  When you finish this, circle or mark each activity that you think shows wise use of leisure time. Use the following headings: