Ms. Knox’s Awesome Authors

We had two visits on Thursday from some Awesome Authors.  These Grand Forks K-2 students are participating in a summer creative writing class taught by Ms. Laura Knox, kindergarten teacher at Viking Elementary in GF. The students came to the Herald to learn about writing and were equipped with pencils and notebooks. I found out they even have their own blog (see link at the very bottom)!  Yes, these kids are in grades K-2 – WOW!  I was very impressed. 

I have posted some photos that Ms. Knox was very kind to share with me – thank you!  We enjoyed your visits.


Jackie Lorentz, Herald staff photographer talking with the kids.




Look Jackie, my tooth is loose. 



I showed the kids my blog.  Here we are pictured in my desk area.


Here we are pictured in the special features department with Ann Bailey, Special Features Editor, Jackie Lorentz, Photographer, Ms. Knox and Marie, the bus driver. 


When the students arrived back at school, they finally had a chance to read their copies of the Grand Forks Herald!

Check out Ms. Knox’s Summer School Class and their blog by clicking on the following link:


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  1. Trish Mohr

    This awesome author adventure with Ms. Knox’s class sounds like the kind of experience children should be having in the development of literacy. I am so proud of N.I.E. for providing such wonderful experiences for children! The collaboration between the GF Herald and the GF schools is to be commended. I am pleased with the many resources that have been available for the students I teach. Good job, Sue!
    I would like to express my gratitude to those who contribute to the Newspapers in Education program in Grand Forks! Thank you!

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