Be Kind To Animals And People, Too!

Here is a special NIE tab you can download and print. It is called “Be Kind to Animals and People, Too.” It takes a look at humane education and kindness. It was produced by the NIE Institute in partnership with American Humane and Petsmart Charities.

 Download the 16-page guide by clicking here

Note: if you are going to print this pdf, make sure to adjust your print setting to “fit on page”. The pdf is bigger than 8.5 x 11 (normal print size.)

Here is some information from page 2 of the tab, “Be Kind to Animals…And People Too!!” 

What do you think when you hear the word kindness? Write what kindness means to you on a piece of paper. Did you include treating animals with love and care in your definition of kindness? Kindness should include the way you treat people and the way you treat animals and all living things. People who are kind to animals are usually kind to people, too. And, it has been proven that people who care about all living things are less likely to commit crimes. That’s why it’s so important to learn about the right ways to treat your human friends and your animal friends.

Animals and people are not so different, after all. They depend on and need each other. Animals are a part of our families and are our beloved pets. They are in movies and television shows that entertain us. We visit them in zoos and nature preserves. Some animals, like service dogs for the blind and disabled, and police dogs, work beside humans.

And, the one thing all animals and people share – they deserve to be treated humanely and with respect. It is possible for all living things to live on our planet peacefully and in harmony.

Humane education is about learning to be kind to all living things, both human and non-human. It is about developing respect and compassion for the planet we live on and all of its inhabitants. Making the world a better place for all is a big job, but everyone’s work helps. You can make a difference. You can choose to make kindness a part of your life at home, at school, in sports and everywhere you go. Kindness is contagious. You may have heard the expression, “What goes around comes around.” That means that what you put out there in the world usually comes back to you. Choose to put kindness out there and you will be greatly rewarded when it comes back around to you.