Careers Scavenger Hunt

This Careers Newspaper Scavenger Hunt was written by Kathy Metallo, The Sun News, Myrtle Beach, SC and distributed by the NIE Institute.

 In today’s newspaper locate the following items and circle them to discuss later. Write down the section and page number where you found each one.

1. Find a person dressed in a suit, maybe going to a job interview.

2. Find a picture of a person dressed for an outdoor job.

3. Find a classified ad stating the hours to be worked at the offered job.

4. Find a classified ad that states wages per hour-$$$.

5. Find a classified ad that offers health insurance benefits.

6. Find a display ad of an automobile that you would like to drive to your new job.

7. Go to the weather page and find the city and country of where you dream of working.

8. Find a story about someone who loves what they do for a living.  Explain how you know.

9.Find a photo/illustration of what someone should not wear to apply for a job at any location.

10. Of all the issues you have learned about job hunting, find examples of the top three that matter most to you. Cut and paste examples below: (ie. job location, what to wear, amount of money made, hours you need to work, etc.)

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