Changes To AreaVoices Blogs

I wanted to give everyone a heads up … will be doing a major upgrade on Tuesday, August 10.  They are switching to WordPress software.  I believe the address for my blog will change from:!/  to: NIERocks!  If you have my site bookmarked or added to your favorites, you may have to change it.  We’ll see what happens.  I hope you will be patient as we work through this upgrade.

Here is some information from an email that all Areavoices bloggers received today.


We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, August 10, will undergo a major upgrade.

We’re switching to the WordPress blogging software. This will give a myriad of new options and dozens of gorgeous themes to customize your blog.

Change is good.

The world of blogging has changed dramatically since we created This upgrade will keep AreaVoices on pace from here on out. No more waiting.

With this upgrade, you’ll notice some changes. Every user will have a subdomain of the areavoices site. For example, will become This change and others will help bring in more search traffic to your site while giving you a more well-defined corner within the AreaVoices site.