Operation Target Date

Target Date has long been a standard Newspaper in Education activity.  According to Dr. John Haefner, professor emeritus at the University of Iowa and a founder of the NIE movement in the United States, the idea for Target Date came from an Illinois social studies teacher who attended one of the first nationally- sponsored university summer training workshops to introduce teachers to newspaper use in the classroom. Those first workshops were in the late 1950s.
Target Date involves collection of newspapers published on the same date and using them in a comparison study. The date can be one selected in advance at random by the students and the teacher, or it can be one of special significance because of its expected news the day after or before the Super Bowl or an Olympics competition, an election, space launch, peace conference or referendum. 
If you are interested in Target Date activities, download the guide by clicking here. This guide was produced by the NIE Institute. It includes a listing of participating newspapers and lesson activities.