Teens, Drugs And Society

I just received the January newsletter from Central High School in Grand Forks. I found an event you may want to check out from the Parent Information Center. Corporal Travis Jacobson who is the Drug Recognition Expert with the Grand Forks Police Department, has a wealth of “inside” information for parents in his Drugs and Society presentation on Monday, Jan. 10, from 6:30 – 8:30 PM, in the Rider Room at Red River High School in GF. This event is free and open to any parents and/or concerned adults only. TO REGISTER, please call (701)787-4216 or email pic@gfschools.org

Be sure to take a second look at the statistics of just how powerful the parent role is in preventing drug use among children and teens.

As parents, we know drug use affects some children; the reality is… drug use affects all of us. Did you know:

  • Only 31% of teens “learn a lot about the risk of drugs from their parents
  • 4.5 million American kids have reported that they have abused prescription drugs
  • Over half of teens do not see a great risk in abusing prescription drugs or over-the counter medications
  • Many parents are unaware that prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications

(OTC) are quickly becoming the new “party” drugs for many youth and that danger lies in your own medicine cabinets. Medicine cabinets can be a potential source of drugs for teenage abuse. Today, young people can also purchase these drugs online. Parents are often unaware of the methods employed by today’s youth in obtaining drugs.

Corporal Jacobson has been in law enforcement for 11 years, the last nine and a half years in Grand Forks. He became a DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) in 2004 and a DRE Instructor in 2008. Most recently, he was named the Course Manager for the State of North Dakota and is heavily involved in training on Drugs and Alcohol.

In his presentation “Drugs and Society,” Corporal Jacobson will talk about what a DRE is and what he can do for you. He will also talk about what is going on with teenagers when it comes to drug use and discuss the current trends of illicit drug use, prescription pill abuse and drug addiction. His talk will also cover the signs and symptoms to look for when it comes to drug use and abuse. This presentation will give you a whole new outlook on the problem of drug abuse right here in our area.