Welcome GFPS Career And Character Education Department

There is a new blog on AreaVoices you should check out, especially if you have students in Grand Forks Public Schools. The blog is called “4MyFuture” and is produced by the Grand Forks Public Schools Career and Character Education department.

“4MyFuture” is a blog devoted to the providing of Career and Character Education for all stages of a student’s life – elementary school, middle school, high school, and post secondary options. The authors of the content posted on the blog are staff of the Career Education and Character Education departments of the Grand Forks Public Schools. They intend to use the site to enhance existing programs by providing information to students, parents, community members, and other interested parties on a variety of topics under the umbrella of Career and Character Education.

Whether the individual posts are career-related articles, character reminders, research-based studies, upcoming activities, or department news and reminders, they hope that the “4MyFuture” content provides readers the foundation to take ownership in their career and character decisions throughout their educational and personal life.

Visit “4MyFuture” by clicking on the following link: ttp://4myfuture.areavoices.com/