Sports Page Scavenger Hunt

Look through the Sports Section in your newspaper to locate the following items. Make a note of what you found and record the page number.

  • A starting time for an event
  • The name of the Herald’s Sports Editor
  • The name of a happy person in a photo
  • A close score
  • List all of the different sports mentioned in the section
  • Two headlines that indicate victory
  • A photo indicating conflict
  • An article for a sports event that is not occurring in the U.S.
  • A verb that indicates a win
  • A verb that indicates a loss
  • Name (3) teams from North Dakota
  • Name (2) teams from Minnesota
  • Find the current record of a North Dakota team
  • Write down all of the adjectives used in the headlines on the front of the Sports page
  • What sporting events will be on TV tonight?

To download a printable copy, click on the following link:


Credit: Brownsville Herald, Sandy McGehee, ED. D. Director of Educational Services