Newspaper Jumble

Here is a quick and easy word activity for your students…the Jumble puzzle in the newspaper. I was reminded of this when Mrs. Olsen and her high school mass communications students from Roseau were here for a tour last week.

 Mrs. Olsen uses the Herald as a teaching tool in her classroom. She was telling me how some of her students complete the Jumble every day. After they complete the puzzle, they cut them out and post them on a bulletin board. They have over 50 of them on the bulletin board in her classroom. Here is the photo and email she shared with me.

From Mrs. Carla Olsen, High School English Teacher from Roseau, Minn: Attached is a photo of my students who complete the Jumble every day. They are Natalie Huff, Tanner Warne and Colin Anderson.

Thanks to Mrs. Olsen and her students for sharing this newspaper activity! If you have any newspaper activities you’d like to share, just send me an email and photos, if available.

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    1. Thank you for your response! We were very excited to hear from you. In addtion to these students, there are many readers who do the Jumble puzzle every day before anything else.

      eeKp pu teh rtgea orkw!

      Sue Lindlauf
      NIE/Marketing Coordinator

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