Count On Character – Kindness

Kind might sound like plain old nice, but it doesn’t end there. Kindness includes friendly, helpful, and even sacrificing. Acts of kindness have one thing in common: You do them to help someone without expecting anything in return. How much do you count on kindness as an important character trait?


1. On a sheet of paper, write down five examples of kind acts that you have given or received in the last few weeks. Which makes you feel better: giving or receiving kindness?

2. Look through the newspaper to find photographs of kindness in action. How are these people being kind?

3. Now, find a photograph or news story about a person or group being unkind. Write down the consequences of their unkindness. How could an act of kindness changed the story or the photo?

4. List five things you can do in the next 24 hours to show kindness to others. Be as specific as you can.

5. Plan a day of kindness by looking in the newspaper for clubs or organizations that do kind things for other people. Make a list of ways you could help during one 8-hour day.

Information and activities are from KRP’s Count on Character NIE tab distributed by the NIE Institute.