Monday Special Guests At The Herald



Monday morning we had some very special guests at the Grand Forks Herald. We had 47 -6th graders from Larimore School, ND Governor Jack Dalrymple and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.

The 6th graders, their teachers Kathy Sleeper and Brenda Beck and chaperones Judith Quinn and Annette Mozey, were here for a tour and to learn about newspapers. They participate in the Grand Forks Herald Newspapers in Education Program.  Special features editor, Ann Bailey and myself gave tours to the students.

Governor Dalrymple and Senator Klobochaur were here to meet with the Herald editorial board. Visit for more information on their visits.

Governor Dalrymple did stop and say hi to the students as he was passing by in the hall. The students were very excited and impressed to see the Governor.