The Yellow Room

Wednesday, May 4th we had visitors from Larimore, N.D.

Diann Rudolf and Darcy Blegen’s 5th grade classes visited the Grand Forks Herald production plant. Mrs. Rudolf was unable to join us. Her sub, Pam Suchor accompanied the students along with the other 5th grade teacher Darcy Blegen.

At the end of the tour I asked the students where at the production plant they would like to have their picture taken. The unanimous choice was the YELLOW ROOM.

Just what is the YELLOW ROOM?

The YELLOW ROOM or the plate room is where the newspaper pages are sent electronically to the plant from our downtown office. The information is transmitted to the plate imagers. The pages are printed onto a light sensitive metal plate which goes onto the printing press. We have the yellow lights because the metal plates are light sensitive.

When the pages are developed onto the metal plates, all words and pictures are transformed into tiny dots. Of course, you would need a magnifying glass to see all of the dots. When the plate is put onto the press, the ink will stick to the dots, then it transfers to a rubber blanket, then on to newsprint. This is called offset printing.

The students are pictured in the “Yellow Room” and yes that really is color when the yellow lights are on.

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  1. Awesome pic Sue! I think we should have rooms like that everywhere. A green room, a blue room, maybe even an orange room…

    Great job teaching these young people about how a newspaper is made!!
    Three cheers for you!!!

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