Messages For Minot From Grand Forks Area Kids

Here are some messages of hope and encouragement from Laura Knox’s Awesome Authors group in Grand Forks. Some of the students’ siblings also submitted pictures. They wanted to show support for the people of Minot. These students (who will be entering grades 1-3 in the next school year) participated in a summer creative writing class taught by Laura Knox, kindergarten teacher at Viking Elementary in Grand Forks.

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We hope the people of Minot will see these wonderful messages.

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5 Responses

  1. Suzanne Netzer

    These are wonderful!! The young authors did a tremendous job and what a great teacher (Ms. Knox). Kudos to all of you!!

  2. Laura Knox

    Thank you Sue, for your wonderful idea for this project! The kids were excited to participate. I’m so proud of them. There isn’t much, in this world, that is more heartwarming than the sincerity of a child! The people of Minot need this right now.

  3. Without a doubt, the love and sincerity of children is genuine. Grand Forks citizens of all ages know how it feels to be inundated from a flood, and our hearts ache for the people of Minot.

  4. Lisa Sinjem

    I am from Grand Forks originally, but I live and teach in Minot, ND. My home got flooded, and it is a very difficult time, but these kid’s messages made me smile…. thanks so much for thinking of all of us in Minot and kudos to Ms Knox for a great project for her students of developing empathy for others…… thanks so much to all of the students for their awesome
    messages sent from their hearts !

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