A Great Opportunity for Kids – School House Days

Here’s a wonderful opportunity for kids in grades 3-6.  They can experience a day in a 1930’s country school at the Grand Forks Historical Society during School House Days.  There are lessons, games, crafts and lunch served in pails.

Each year has a theme. This year, the program will feature a story about good guys and bad guys in the Old West, which complements the Myra Museum’s feature exhibit on law enforcement history. Bonnie Cameron, a retired Grand Forks teacher, will lead the schoolhouse adventure.

Choose from two dates – either Monday, August 8 or Monday, August 15. 

Pre-registration is required, admission is $15 per child. For more information call 701-775-2216 or download the registration form by clicking on the following link: http://legacy.grandforksherald.com/pdfs/School%20House%20Days%20Registration%202011.pdf

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