Bullying – What Educators Can Do About It

Bullying: What Educators Can Do About It is a resource developed particularly for elementary school teachers. The guide includes activities and tips about what teachers can do to prevent or stop bullying. As part of this guide there is an annotated bibliography of children’s books related to the topic of bullying. A PowerPoint presentation about bullying is available at: http://resiliency.cas.psu.edu/  (Click on the button labeled “bullying”). In addition, a companion guide entitled “Bullying – What Parents Can Do About It” is a resource that addresses what can be done by parents to prevent or stop bullying among children.

Prepared by Daniel F. Perkins, Ph.D., associate professor of agricultural and extension education, and Elaine Berrena, M.Ed., prevention coordinator of the prevention research center for the promotion of human development.

Download the guide by clicking on the following link:  http://legacy.grandforksherald.com/pdfs/WHAT%20EDUCATORS%20CAN%20DO%20BULLYING.pdf