Congratulations GFPS Career And Tech Ed Department!

Grand Forks Public Schools Receives CTE Director’s Award of Excellence  The Career and Technical Education department of the Grand Forks Public Schools recently received two Director’s Awards of Excellence during the opening session at the 41st Annual Professional Development Conference. This award is an acknowledgement of superior career and technical education programs within North Dakota. The competitive award among all secondary and post-secondary programs distinguishes the particular Career and Technical Education program as being the best in the state.

The Grand Forks Public Schools Career Development program was recognized for providing a comprehensive and systematic K-12 career development program using counselors and the Career Education department, annual 8th grade career fairs to learn career cluster opportunities and explore nontraditional careers, and two high school career centers providing students access to career resource materials and opportunities. Staff members recognized with the award included Sandy Espe, Jennifer George, Joyce Larson, Peggy Anderson, Mary Lien, Jackie Haugen, Melissa Mickelson, Marilyn Ripplinger, and CTE Coordinator Eric Ripley.

The Information Technology program at Red River High School was recognized for providing a comprehensive IT curriculum that is up-to-date and relevant instruction providing a foundation for careers in IT, becoming an IC3 testing site offering students industry-level certification opportunities, and an active Skills-USA chapter that had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in the State 2011 SkillsUSA Programming event and the 1st place winner in the Internetworking competition. Accepting the award was instructor Paul Zettler and CTE Coordinator Eric Ripley.


Career Development (From L to R – Joyce Larson, Melissa Mickelson, Jennifer George, Sandy Espe, and Eric Ripley)

RRHS Information Technology (From L to R –Paul Zettler, Eric Ripley)

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