Celebrate NIE Week

March 5-9 is NIE Week. Newspapers in Education or NIE for short, is a nationwide program where educators use the newspaper to teach a variety of subjects in the classroom. There are many activity guides and teaching materials available to assist you.

This year the Newspaper Association of America Foundation has created a 126-page guide called Give Them the Keys: Promoting Adolescent Literacy Through Newspapers for NIE Week 2012.

Download the NAA NIE Week 2012 guide by clicking on the link below: http://legacy.grandforksherald.com/pdfs/NIE-Week-2012_Give-Them-The-Keys.pdf

This guide is organized by units, so teachers can pick and choose what works in conjunction with their curriculum and students. Each unit includes several lessons that can be taught consecutively in two, three, four or five days, or used independently. Each lesson is specifically designed to include instructional objectives, applicable standards, a list of materials, an anticipatory set, instructional procedures, a formative assessment for each lesson within a unit and resources associated with that particular lesson, if applicable. Adaptations and accommodations for ELL students and those with special learning needs are provided, as well as summative assessment tools.

Teachers can adapt these lessons to fit class schedules and/or needs. Each lesson can stand alone or be used within the applicable unit. Lessons are designed to be completed in one class period, although this depends on many factors, including classroom discussion, dissection of topics and students’ ability levels. Lessons that theoretically require more than one class period are grouped.