The Avengers And Character Ed Newspaper Activities

“The Avengers” movie hits screens on May 4th. With all of the excitement and talk about the movie and superheroes, here are some character education activities you can use with the newspaper. They are taken from the KRP tab, Making a Difference distributed by the NIE Institute

What does “heroic” mean to you? Do you think of daring acts of bravery? Strong leadership? Triumph over great odds? Outstanding achievements in sports or entertainment?  Heroism takes many forms, including these. There are as many ways to be heroic as there are individual lives. Ordinary people in ordinary circumstances perform countless acts of courage and sacrifice in everyday life. You probably know several people that have been heroes in your community or even in your own life.

ACTIVITIES (From the KRP tab, Making a Difference distributed by the NIE Institute.)

1.  Write down the 10 qualities you most admire in your personal heroes; then, with your class, decide on a list of the top 10 qualities. How different is the class list from your personal list? As you read the newspaper each day, look for people who have these qualities. Cut out pictures and articles to make a poster with the theme “Heroes.”

2. Design your own superhero! Think about the qualities you find most admirable in your own heroes and create a comic strip character based on those qualities.

3. Watch for articles about heroes in your own community. Cut out all the ones you find and create a classroom bulletin board on “Local Heroes.”

4. Choose a movie you have seen with a heroic character, then write a review. (For examples of movie reviews, refer to your newspaper’s entertainment section.)

5. Which of your personal heroes would you like to make a movie about? Write a brief plot summary and give your movie a name. For extra credit, try filming your story as a short skit or musical video.

6. Imagine that you are in charge of placing an ad for “heroes wanted.” What qualifications will you be looking for? Using your newspaper’s classifieds as a model, write an ad that includes all the character requirements you think are important.

Download and print the activities by clicking HERE

Here’s a look at the movie “The Avengers” from McClatchy Tribune. To download this page, click here.  Note: if you are going to print this pdf, adjust your print setting to “fit on page”. The page is bigger than 8.5 x 11 (normal print size.)