Summer Exercise

Information and activities are from Ann West’s NIE guide, “A Plan for All Seasons” distributed by the NIE Institute.

Summer is a great time to get lots of exercise, which we all know is very good for our physical and mental health.  Even though exercise is good for us, we may often hear reports about problems young people have in getting enough exercise.  The newspaper can give us great ideas about some fun things to do for exercise.  If we plan a little exercise every day, we might also discover that sometimes simple playing is great exercise.

1.  Look through the newspaper to find examples of people getting different kinds of physical exercise.  Examples can be found in pictures, ads or comics.

2.  On a piece of paper, list all the exercise examples you found in the newspaper. Put a mark beside the kinds of exercise that you like to do or would be willing to try to learn how to do.

3.  Plan a typical summer week of exercise for yourself.  Use some of the examples you found in the newspaper and some of the other types of exercise you enjoy.  Resolve to follow your exercise plan this summer.