What Are The Synthetic Drugs In Our Area?

There has been a lot of talk about synthetic drug use in our area recently.  Two teen-aged males died apparently from overdosing on synthetic drugs in the month of June. These were two separate cases.





To make you more aware of what is happening, the Grand Forks Police Department has started their own YouTube channel . They have produced their first video on synthetic drugs. Sgt. Travis Jacobson, Drug Recognition Expert from the GFPD answers the following questions in the 4 minutes :31 seconds video:

1. What are synthetic drugs?

2. What synthetic drugs do you see in Grand Forks?

3. What are some of the symptoms of a synthetic drug user?

4. What if I don’t want to get my friends/family in trouble?

Take the time to watch the video. It is very informative and is only 4 minutes: 31 seconds long.  To view the video click here, for more information contact the Grand Forks Police Department 787-8000 or http://grandforksgov.com/police

Text a tip to 701-740-6759.