Newspaper Mathathon

Here’s a fun math activity called Newspaper Mathathon from KRP’s Ultimate Activity Guide.  

To download and print a copy click here.

Instructions – Use today’s newspaper to find the answer to the following:

1. Find the total number of pages in today’s newspaper.

2. Add the number of letters to the editor.

3. Multiply by the number of comic strips about women.

4. Divide by the number of local stories on the front page.

5. Subtract the number of bylines in the local news section.

6. Add yesterday’s fifth-highest temperature on the weather chart.

7. Multiply by the largest numeral found on the front page.

8. Add the number of letters in the longest headline in the sports section

9. Divide by the number of editorials on the opinion page.

10. Add the number of photos in the main news section, rounded off to the highest number.

Grand Total _________