A Look At Patriotism

A look at patriotism

Why do we sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at sporting events? Or stand at attention when the U.S. flag is raised or lowered? Set off fireworks on the Fourth of July? 

Because we love our country, and we show it through acts of patriotism. Patriotism is showing respect for your country’s symbols, celebrating its customs and traditions, taking pride in its history, and honoring its heroes.  Americans show their patriotism in many ways.

The Roots of Patriotism

Patriotism comes from a Greek word that means fatherland. Before America was founded, patriotism meant love of the fatherland, or homeland, and referred to a love for the country’s physical features — mountains, rivers, etc. 

Today, patriotism is not only a love for one’s homeland but of the people who live there. It is a personal attachment to their customs and traditions. It is a respect for their forefathers. And it is a concern for their welfare.


1. Patriotism, in the simplest terms, means love for one’s country. On a piece of paper write down all the things you love about your country.

2. Now cut pictures and words from your newspaper of these things (and others when you find them) and make a “Things I Love About America” collage.

Information and activities are from the NIE tab, “Patroitism” produced by KRP and distributed by the NIE Institute.