Halloween Newspaper Activities

Here are a variety of Halloween newspaper activities from the NIE Institute.

1. Some Halloween costumes are popular year after year. But some Halloween costumes are inspired by celebrities, leaders or events. Look through the news and feature sections of the newspaper and choose five people who would be popular as masks or costumes this year. Write a sentence for each explaining why people would want to dress like the person.

2. Everyone knows that Halloween means candy, candy, candy. Candy names are fun to read because they use language in funny ways. Pick a few of your favorites from Halloween ads in the newspaper. As a class discuss why you like the names. Then write an outline for using the names in a Halloween story. Explain how you might use the names to describe people, events or action in your tale.

3. Holidays of all kinds give businesses a way to draw attention to things they want to sell. Look through the ads in today’s newspaper and make a list with classmates of ads offering Halloween sales, deals or specials. Pick out and discuss the ones you think are the most creative. Then design your own creative Halloween ad.

4. You can use the newspaper to make a quick costume. Using a full sheet of newspaper and tape, see if you can create a fancy hat from the newspaper. Can you make the hat show your personality? Discuss that idea as a class.

5. Dr. Frankenstein used a jolt of electricity to bring his creation to life. Look through today’s newspaper and see how many pictured items you can find that use electricity. Choose one item and figure out how you could make a costume of the item. Then draw a picture of yourself in that costume and label all the parts.


HALLOWEEN VOCABULARY at http://www.vocabulary.com/lists/25296 

Includes word puzzles, activities, an “alphalary” and a feature on monsters.


“Alphabet Monster”

Kids take a page of the newspaper and, with a crayon, circle an example of each letter of the alphabet.  Encourage them not to go across a line, keeping the letters in sequence, but to move all over the page (an “a” at the top, a “b” on the side, etc.).

Then they connect the letters in order. Have them turn the page in any direction until they see a “monster” on the page.  It then becomes a writing exercise when they describe the monster, how he/she/it came to be, is it a good/bad monster, etc.

Older kids can do this and actually turn it into a short story they read to younger students. High school students can create whole books to send to elementary schools, etc.


Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Use today’s newspaper to find these items to complete the scavenger hunt.

1. The scariest news item you can find.

2. A classified ad for something a witch might use.

3. A picture of a broom.

4. The longest word you can find that includes the letters b-o-o in order.

5. Five items that should be included is a secret witch’s brew.

6. A good safety rule for trick-or-treaters to remember.

7. A pumpkin.

8. A display ad illustration for something that would make an unusual treat.

9. Something the witch could ride if her trusty broom were broken.

10.Something shaped like a witch’s hat.

11. Thirteen things that are just alike.

12. Newsmaker or comic character who could get along well with a witch.

13. The greeting “Happy Halloween”.