The Final Vote: The Electoral College

What is the Electoral Vote?  How many Electoral votes does each state have?  In most elections, the candidate with the most votes wins. But when it comes to picking a U.S. president, things aren’t quite that simple. Weeks after Election Day, a group of 538 people called the Electoral College will actually elect the president.

Here’s an article from Time for Kids and MCT on how the Electoral College works. There is also a map available for download.  

Each state is assigned a number of electoral votes, based on its population.The 538 electoral voters are chosen by political parties in each state. A candidate needs 270 votes to become president. If no candidate gets a majority of electoral votes, members of the House of Representatives choose the president.

To print the Electoral College map, click on the following link:

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  1. bvaldes

    Many thanks for this information. It is VERY helpful. Now it all makes since. I have been wanted to know, specially since G.Bush, buth then once the hype is over I would forget to follow it up. This time I was persistent in getting an answer.
    Thank you agan.

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