Geography Awareness Week Nov. 11 -17

Geography Awareness Week is Nov. 11 – 17.  Here are some resources you can use in the classroom.  To download, click on the following links:

3 Step Geography Challenge from National Geographic


Geographic Challenge:  Learning about Geography through the Newspaper for Grades 3-12. 


Community Connections with Geography and the Newspaper Level One

This guide blends mapping skills with a discussion of various communities to which everyone belongs as individuals. As students learn to make and interpret maps, the curriculum addresses local, regional, state and national identity, as well as government and community. This section is written with elementary students in mind, but the clarity of language will be helpful for anyone working to grasp these basic elements.

Community Connections with Geography and the Newspaper Level Two

Level Two is designed for students with a basic knowledge of maps and a sense of the levels of government and geographic division. It expands that understanding while discussing how communities create and maintain their identities, and while emphasizing how geography affects local economies, lifestyles and community identity. It is written with middle school and older children in mind, but younger students who can grasp the more complex concepts are likely to understand the language.


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