Thanksgiving Day Paper – WOW!

Thanksgiving Day newspapers are usually the largest of the year.  Why, because advertisers want to have their flyers inserted into the newspaper for “Black Friday” sales. 

Here are a few fun facts about this year’s Grand Forks Herald Thanksgiving Day issue:

1.  It will contain 668 pages of inserts alone. This does not include the regular 4 sections of the paper or the 4 jackets that were printed to hold all of the inserts.

2.  It will weigh 3 lbs 15 oz, a regular Thursday paper weighs about 3.5 oz.  If you have carrier delivery, be thankful.  You may want to give them a little extra time to get that big bundle delivered to  you.

3. We will sell around 9-10,000 Thursday papers in area stores. Normally on a Thursday we sell around 2,500.

4.  It will take an approx. 250 extra hours to get this paper out the door between the production and distribution. 

5. Number of vans needed to haul the papers to out-of-town carriers and stores: 16 (normally there are 9).

6.  Local hotels have purchased just over 2,000 papers to give to their shopping customers.

7.  Parts of the paper began printing: Nov. 11.

When you are finished going through your stuffed Grand Forks Herald, check out this guide featuring a 100 ways to use your newspaper from the NIE Institute.

Download the 8-page guide by clicking on the following link:

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