Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a newspaper holiday scavenger hunt for you and your family to enjoy from the NIE Institute. ¬†Merry Christmas!

Look through your newspaper and find the following (add to the list if you wish). Write down what you find and where you find it.

1. An ad for something you would like for Christmas/Holidays

2. A story about someone helping others

3. A place where there is little joy or sadness this holiday season

4. Something or someplace to eat for Christmas/Holiday dinner

5. A Christmas tree, Menorah, Santa or other symbols of holiday traditions

6. Someone who has been naughty

7. Someone who has been nice

8. A story from another country where Christmas, Ramadan, Hanukah or other holidays are celebrated

9. An entertaining place or event you would like to visit or attend during the winter break

10. Someone less fortunate than you are

11. Something Santa might say

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