Black History Month Resource

African-Americans have a wide ranging and interesting history in the United States. Yet for many years, that history was ignored. And then Carter G. Woodson stepped in. A teacher and founder of what is now The Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History, Woodson began pushing for recognition of African-American history, especially in schools. In 1926, he established Negro History Week. Negro History Week eventually grew into Black History Month, an event celebrated nationwide every February. Today, Black History Month not only provides an opportunity to learn about African-American history but also to foster an appreciation for the African-American culture and its significant contributions to this country.

Here is a supplement you can download and use in the classroom. “Pride in Color” takes a brief look at the history and cultural contributions of African-Americans. While it is impossible to cover the entire scope of the subject, the information and activities provided in this supplement will help you understand, among other things, where African-Americans have been and how far they have come. The guide was produced by KRP Productions and distributed by the NIE Institute.

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