“Spread The Word To End The Word”

March 6 is the Annual Awareness day for “Spread the Word to End the Word.”  Grand Forks Red River High School graduate Erin Baumann, 31, stood before hundreds of Valley Middle School students Tuesday and told them what happens when the word “retard” is used.  Read the full story by Jennifer Johnson, Herald staff writer, by clicking on the following link: http://www.grandforksherald.com/event/article/id/258148/

Erin Baumann greets her mom and dad, Meredith, left, and Tim Baumann, with a big smile after her presentation to middle school students at Valley Middle School Tuesday. Her speech on stopping students from using the “r-word” in reference to kids with developmental disabilities is part of Wednesday’s national campaign day Spread the Word. Photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

RESPECT – The easiest way to show respect is to treat other people the same way you like to be treated.  The world is filled with billions of different kinds of people. All of us have different colored skin and hair. We are different shapes and different sizes. We all have different abilities, too. Some folks can run fast as lightning, or climb a cliff in seconds flat. Other folks need wheelchairs or specially trained dogs to help them get around. Everybody has a unique way of looking at life, too. That’s what makes our world so fascinating! Can you imagine a world where everyone looks the same, and has the same point of view? Yikes! That would be pretty boring!

Luckily, we are all unique and special. And every single one of us deserves to be treated fairly, spoken to nicely, and heard. If everyone showed that kind of respect, there’d be a lot less arguing and fighting.

Here are two FREE guides from the NIE Institute. They are called “Respecting Others.” One is geared for grades K-3 and the other is geared for grades 3-7. Click on the following links to download.

Respecting Others Grades K-3

Respecting Others Grades 3-7

To learn more visit: http://r-word.org/

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  1. I am so proud of our area schools for participating in this important campaign!

    I took the pledge at r-word.org after my youngest daughter was born with special needs. Increasing awareness and changing this aspect of our culture is a wonderful way to spread the message that ALL people matter.

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