Art Activities Using The Newspaper

In celebration of the Art Wise Elementary Art Show March 19-21 in Grand Forks, here are some art activities to use with the newspaper from the NIE Institute.

Download and print the activities by clicking here

Art activities using the Newspaper:

1. Study the figures from the sport’s section. Note the position of a body when playing ball, running or jumping. Draw some of the figures in different positions.

2. Illustrate a news story noting place, persons, events, spectators, etc.

3. Using the expressions of the comic characters draw faces showing emotion; surprise, sad, happy, etc. Find photographs illustrating a variety of expressions.

4. Using cut-outs from ads, create a new ad considering: arousing attention, pleasing balance, pleasing colors and overall effect.

5. Use the comics to:

• Illustrate some of the comic characters.

• Discuss how artists communicate the idea of motion i.e. raised feet, body position, curved motion lines, etc.

• Color black and white comics.

• Analyze emotions; happy, sad, frightened, angry, etc. Discuss how the artists communicate emotion.

• For a study in shapes color all squares in red, rectangles in blue, circles in green, etc.

6. Use a photograph as a still life model.

7. Re-design a house in the classified ads. Enlarge or modify, re-design the outside by adding a patio, porch, second story, etc. Color a picture of a house in different colors to study how color affects appearance. Design the interior as described in the ad.

8. For a discussion of textures have students cut out pictures of things in the paper that have different textures. Paste on poster board or sheet of paper. Next to the picture write one word that describes the texture such as soft, furry, scratchy, smooth, etc.

9. Draw a caricature (a drawing of a person that makes a certain feature stand out) of someone in the news.

10. Create a person’s face by drawing features from a variety of faces; eyes, shape, hair, etc.

11. Find examples of different font styles in the paper. Select one style you like and try writing your name in this style.

12. Using animal photos in the newspaper, create an animal scene such as a zoo, circus, farmyard, jungle, etc.

13. Illustrate a newspaper ad that has no picture with it.

14. Younger students can make an alphabet book using headline and advertising letters. Use newspaper pictures to illustrate each letter.

15. Cut out a picture of a person in a sport’s scene. Have students draw a crowd watching the event and of other players in different positions surrounding the player.

16. Draw a comic strip based on a news story.

17. Create newspaper scrapbooks for a variety of themes; transportation, holidays, landscapes, buildings, plants, etc.

18. Collect and study photographs with regard to perspective, proportion, balance, shading, use of color, etc.

19. Watch the newspaper for stories of art related articles; art sales, shows and exhibits, art form, etc.

20. For a study of architecture have students design house plans based on descriptions of houses listed in the real estate ads.

21. Make a silhouette using the classified section as the paper for the head. Have students cut out words from the paper that describe them. Cut out the silhouette and paste it on a piece of construction paper with the describing words pasted around the head.

22. Illustrate a letter to the editor as a political cartoon.

23. Draw a map of the places mentioned in the front page news.