Special Guests From Angle Inlet School

Monday afternoon we had visitors at the Grand Forks Herald all the way from Angle Inlet School in Minnesota. Located on the Canadian border, in Minnesota’s Northwest Angle, the Angle Inlet School is the only surviving one room school in the state. Although sixty-five miles from Warroad, Minnesota the school is part of the Warroad School District #690.

The Angle is accessible from the rest of Minnesota by one of two ways:

  • The Angle can be reached without crossing the international border by crossing the Lake of the Woods by boat when the lake is free of ice, by ice road in the winter or by flying over it in a plane. No automobile ferries currently operate on the lake, so vehicles coming from the rest of Minnesota can reach the Angle without crossing the border only in winter. While the ice is forming in late autumn and breaking up in the spring, the lake’s surface cannot be crossed safely – at these times domestic access to the Angle is possible only by air.
  • To reach the Angle by land, travelers take Minnesota State Highway 313N (Warroad, Minnesota to Sprague, Manitoba) across the border into Manitoba, Canada, connecting to Provincial Road 12 in Manitoba at the border, then to Provincial Road 308 Manitoba, to Provincial Road 525, then finally crossing back into the United States in the Northwest Angle south of rural Angle Inlet, Minnesota (Angle Inlet Township). The distance from Warroad or Roseau to the Angle proper is approximately 63 miles through Minnesota and Manitoba back to the Angle’s U.S. border. It is approximately 10 miles from the actual border (intersection of Manitoba #525 and NWA Road Dawson) to the rural developments of the Northwest Angle.
Reporting booth at Jim’s Corner. Upon entering the Northwest Angle by road, the traveler must enter the booth and report to U.S. Customs via videophone. Before leaving the Northwest Angle by road, one must report to Canadian customs from the same booth.

The border crossing is unstaffed. Travelers using the single gravel road in and out of the Angle are expected to use a telephone at Jim’s Corner, Youngs Bay Marina or Carlsons Landing to contact Canadian or U.S. Customs and make their declarations.  –Wikipedia.org

Angle Inlet School     Photo by Linda Kastl
Teacher Linda Kastl, her students and grandmother of some of the students traveled to Grand Forks on Sunday.  Monday the group toured WDAZ TV in the morning and the Grand Forks Herald in the afternoon.  They are pictured below in the lobby of the Grand Forks Herald.  Thanks for making the trip to see us.  We enjoyed your visit!
Photo by Sue Lindlauf

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    It was wonderful visiting with you during your visit to the Grand Forks Herald! It definitely brought a smile to my day!

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